What’s new in the world of screens?

When it comes to screening your windows and doors, there are so many different options, this guide will help you choose the best option for you and your home.

Flyscreens are essential if you want to good ventilation in your house, whilst preventing bugs and debris from making their way inside. They are made from an aluminium frame and can be powder coated in your desired colour.

Security screens still offer great ventilation and prevention from bugs and debris, as well as extra peace of mind. They come in a huge range of colours, and are made from specially tempered aluminium, with 7mm thick diamond grilles for greater strength, in accordance with the shear strength requirement of Australia Security Door Standard AS5039. Security doors are fitted with a 3 point safety lock, which also has 3 interlocking security hinges.

Barrier screens are a more cost effective form of securing your house. They are made using the same grilles and frames as the security doors, but only have a single lock and two hinges.

We can use a variety of different meshes in both flyscreens and security screens, to suit your needs and lifestyle perfectly.

Standard Fibreglass Mesh is the standard product used when screening windows and doors. It is resilient and long lasting, and won’t crease, dent or unravel.

Sand-fly Mesh is best used in areas that are prone to midgies or sand-flies. It is a super fine mesh, has more strands of a thicker diameter, which also means you get better protection against UV rays.

Pet Mesh is 7 times stronger than traditional fibreglass mesh, making it more resistant against tears and damage from household pets and children.

Stainless Steel Mesh is a tough, non-corrosive, 316 grade stainless steel mesh. It is strong and durable, and ideal for bushfire prone areas.

INVISI-GARD should be your first choice in Stainless Steel Security Screens. The mesh is 316 marine-grade stainless steel, meaning you will get years of rust and corrosion free performance. It has a Patented EPG (Extreme Grip Protection) Retention method, which locks the mesh into the heavy duty extruded aluminium frame. This clamping system means no screws or other mechanical fixings penetrate the frame or screen, avoiding the potential of rust and corrosion due to dissimilar metal contact. By using this extra-strong mesh, combined with the EPG clamping system, INVISI-GARD screens allow you to retain views through your windows and doors, without compromising on safety.

All of these screens can be custom-made for windows or doors, and can be fixed, sliding or hinged. We can quote either off your plans, or we can come to your house and do a measure, at a time that suits you. If you are after any advice or quotes, please don’t hesitate to give Tweed Coast Glass a call on 02 6674 4911, and we will be happy to give you a hand.